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What's it gonna cost?

Pastor James T Clarke

To be honest every wedding I get involved in is different in the likes of location, ceremony time, ceremony prep, last minute changes, indoor / outdoor, will I get my hair wet?


I have a pricing plan that I think is very acceptable, however you’ll need to contact me for that, again as every ceremony is different in itself, pricing is also different.  So to make sure you get the best affordable price for your wedding ceremony, please contact me for this.

Photo : Kris Dickson

Pricing FAQ

What about traveling costs?

My fee is an all in fee, which is why I calculate every ceremony differently.  I am based in Carrickfergus, but I am happy to travel all over the Emerald Isle of Ireland

What all does the fee include?

I suppose it's mainly split between the preparation time, making sure your application forms are good to go, the ceremony prep, all the meetings, writing up an order of service and the emails & chat with you right up the the day to get that right, and then of course the day itself.


I work very well with all wedding vendors and mainly your ceremony vendors, photographers, videographers, ceremony singers etc I'll liaise with them all on the day and we'll all work together for you. 

Are there any other fee's involved in this process?

Yes, but not to me.  The wedding venue's local council will also charge a £52 all in application fee to cover both application forms and to supply and send out your wedding certificate.  All this is done directly with them, not me, but I'll be here to help you with that process.

Is it easy to book you?

Yes indeed, you'll find booking me will be one of the easiest things you'll have done in your entire wedding planning process.

Do we need to pay the full fee straight away?

No, as long as the fee is paid in full, no less than 30days before the wedding itself, that'll work for me.

Is there a booking fee?

Yes.  To officially book and reserve my services for your big day is £100.

Is your overall fee really expensive?

Absolutely not, it really isn't, so don't be worrying. Sure contact me to find out.

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