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We're not Las Vegas, we're Northern Ireland!

It's relatively straight forward, there are some forms to fill out and ID required but I'm here to keep you right.

We'll aim to meet up a couple of times before the big day, but the reality is I'm always here whenever you need me.  We'll first get together complete your application / paperwork and get it all sorted, then about a month before the big day, we'll combine all your thoughts and ideas to create your perfect ceremony and it's all relatively fresh in your head as you lead up to the big day itself.

I'm always available at any stage to bounce ideas off whether it's over the phone or via socials,

you can always reach me, plus if you need me to create and send over your Order Of Service for printing, just let me know and I'll send you what you need.

Pastor James T Clarke



NORTH: There is some required paperwork needed to legally marry the North of Ireland, whether it's a licensed wedding venue or an elopement, I'm happy to sit with you and go through it and help you through the application process until it's complete.

In Northern Ireland the paperwork must be submitted to the wedding venue's district council.  This paperwork can only be submitted within an 11 month window that opens up exactly 12 months before your wedding day, and closes roughly 1 month before the wedding day.

There is also some ID you'll both need to show along with the paperwork, usually official photo ID and long birth cert's are fine, though always take advice from the local council and read all guidance notes to provide all the relevant documents required.  The council will also charge a £52 all in application fee to cover both application forms and to supply and send out your wedding certificate.

My advice is to submit the paperwork as early as possible to avoid any disappointment.

You can access the forms to download & print by pressing the button below.

SOUTH: For legal ceremonies in the South of Ireland, the process is a little different, but again I'm happy to sit with you and advise you in the best advice available to submit and complete your application process.  Please bear in mind the minimum required time to submit your applications forms is 3 months before your wedding day, my advice is never leave it that late!  For more information on getting married in Ireland click the link bottom below

Pastor James T Clarke



This is where we get to be creative and work on your perfect ceremony! 

There's some legal bits I'm required to do, then as a minister I normally have some nice prayers, a blessing etc but realistically together we'll work on something special which includes any ideas you both might have.

I love to hear wedding ceremony suggestions, and every time I think I've heard them all, you come up with something new but old and different! 

hether it's a solo song, a dance, a poem, special prayers, scripture readings, writing your own vows, lighting candles, handfasting, sand ceremonies, quaich ceremonies, wine ceremonies, releasing doves into the air!

​Or maybe you just want to be married and say to me
"James, we'll do and repeat what you tell us to, short and sweet mate"

Pastor James T Clarke


The big day arrives, all the prep is done, it's time to stand, smile, sign here, repeat after me and say I DO.

Ideally at the end of the ceremony you're both happy, because what you had imagined in your head to be your wedding day came to life!

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